eMMC disconnecting for no reason?
I put this into the general discussion section because it seems to be a problem with my hardware, not just Linux.

My Pinebook Pro seems to have a strange issue that I couldn't google. This post is pretty much a better version of my older post with more details about the problem. I could not solve the problem since creating that post, and I finally found some time to look more into it and ask more questions on this forum.
So my problem is that when I shake my laptop, close the bottom lid, or sometimes don't do anything remotely destructive at all, the eMMC gets disconnected from the board in a very weird way. Reinserting the eMMC does solve the problem, but not permanently. What's really strange about the way it gets disconnected is that the U-boot partition still gets recognized by the firmware, and it can even start booting up a kernel, but then the initramfs fails to locate the root partition and the booting process stops. The eMMC can also get disconnected while the system is running, which causes a lot of I/O errors and a complete breakdown of the running system (basically what happens when you unmount root). The only distros that I've tried are Manjaro ARM (XFCE) and elementary OS. Should I try other distros? Is it a problem with my eMMC? Maybe the main board? Should I hold the eMMC harder in place? Am I doing something wrong? Please help me.
Update: Holding the eMMC harder in place does not solve this.

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