Doesn’t power on after flashing emmc
So i tried using the pine64 usb emmc adapter to flash manjaro to emmc, now the pbp will not power on at all no lights no screen on, nothing. help
> to flash manjaro to emmc
exactly what image?
Have you tried to boot a known good uSD? (& then with emmc disabled)
It seems some manjaro images have no uboot in 1st 16M,
with no uboot you have an apparently dead pbp
If you picked a "pinebook" image (rather than pinebookpro),, this is for A64 cpu's,,
the uboot is WRONG, you have to do a hard reset to recover
(internal reset button OR press and hold pwr 20+ sec)
OR, it just could be a defective uboot
Not to simply be pedantic but I think it's important;

Your PBP does turn on, it just doesn't boot. The power light gets turned on by software, usually in U-Boot. Do heed wdt.

[ SRA accepts you ]
Thank you for your replies but i got it worked out. I started by flashing kali which worked. Then i figured out how to flash tow boot. Again thanks for your replies

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