Manjaro - Internet connection sharing requires dnsmasq (but the dep isn't declared)
Attaching a Rockpro64 via its ethernet port to my PBP, it's supposed to be possible to "share" the PBP's wifi connection with it, which actually involves setting up NAT & DHCP automatically under the hood.

Network Manager > Edit Connections > Wired connection 1 > IPv4 Settings > Method: Shared to other computers

But it didn't work.

After banging on it all morning, I found this article,

which mentions that it uses dnsmasq. Check; dnsmasq is not running. Check; package dnsmasq is not installed. Install dnsmasq; now it works.

That ought to be declared as a dependency.

Edit: When installing NetworkManager, it does list dnsmasq as an optional dependency for connection sharing. But the user doesn't necessarily ever see this message. It should either be a hard dep, or Network Manager should detect the absence of dnsmasq & give an informative error message, rather than just mysteriously not working.

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