KDE Connect on PinePhone
Hi folks -

I have been trying to use KDE Connect on the PinePhone and not having much success under either Manjaro or Mobian.

 - Software runs, connects to my desktop
 - Desktop recognizes that it is connected to the phone
 - Dolphin will not find the phone to exchange files
 - However, I can send files individually from phone to desktop downloads folder.

I know that using KDE Connect with an Android phone, there is a setting in the "device plug-ins" category that allows you to choose folders to share, but the same menu entry does not have such a capability on the PinePhone.

Anyhow, if anyone has an insight on this issue, I would love to hear it!


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Remember you're running the desktop end of kdeconnect on the pinephone, not the android app end, so the capabilities are a bit more limited. When I tried it a while back it seemed to do what I'd expect from desktop-to-desktop connections. but I may have missed something. There may also be limitations from running under phosh - I don't know if they've implemented enough gnome shell compatibility to run gsconnect yet, which ought to be a better fit.

There's an outstanding issue tracker for implementing the missing functionality in plasma-mobile, but that won't be much use in phosh due to the different telephony and PIM backends.
Good point about it being a desktop version on the PinePhone, I had actually realized that yesterday. I guess for now, the file sharing aspect will do what I needed - the occasional back and forth of files - and using Jumpdrive allows big moves when needed. I am using the plasma-mobile OS now day to day so will check out the bug-tracker issue you mention.

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