My pbp is a sleek, black, flat brick, and won't boot from any kind of media
(06-19-2021, 09:01 AM)rotwang Wrote: Hiya PBP folks,

My new pinebook pro will not give any indication of booting regardless of media. Now before you tell me the PBP isn't brickable, let me say that I've searched the forums here and found lots of answers describing non-booting PBPs, but none of them match the behavior I'm seeing. Let me also run down what I've tried:

- I tried to power on with an SD card flashed with this image:
(With a nice long hold on the power button.)

- I tried to power on with a USB drive flashed with that same arch linux image (on the opposite-side USB port from the SD card to eliminated the chance that it was something wrong with the mini-board).

- I tried removing the eMMC and disabling with the eMMC switch on the board and powering on with an SD or USB drive.

- I tried  disconnecting the battery and connecting the bypass cables and tried to power on using the eMMC, SD, and USB.

- I tried re-seating the mini-board connector cable.

- I tried pushing the reset button. A lot.

In all cases the only life of any kind the PBP will show is a red light for the battery indicator when the power supply is plugged in. (So _some_ kind of power is going through the system.)

Here's some background that may or may not be relevant:

I got this unit a month or two ago. From the very first time I booted it the keyboard didn't work correctly. It seems it was an unusual hardware problem with the keyboard, see this thread for details:

The PINE64 folks replaced the keyboard and shipped it back to me. Manjaro booted and the keyboard worked perfectly at that point. The first thing I did was try to boot it off the SD card with that Arch image because I wanted to install Arch. But the SD card would not boot and would not be recognized by Manjaro. _Before_ the keyboard was replaced, I had booted this same SD card with the same Arch Linux image (and when the keyboard didn't work correctly in Arch on the SD I knew it wasn't a software problem with the keyboard.) 

So I pacman -Syu updated Manjaro, including the uboot flash because I was hoping this might fix my SD card not reading. It was after that update that it would never boot again.

My guess:

I suspect there's probably two things going wrong at the same time (the really tricky problems are always compound like that!) I suspect the SD card reader (and possibly the mini board) is not working (hardware). And at the same time I toasted the eMMC with the uboot flash (software). But then why I can't I boot my USB drive? Is there a way to move USB up the boot order so the PBP wants to boot from it first?

I contacted PBP support about this, but since it (initially) sounds so much like the normal toasting of the eMMC, they sent me back to the forum to get your opinions on whether this is purely a software issue.

Let me know if you have any insights! And thanks for reading!

Hi Rotrang, MY sympathies. I have a PBP that went bricko when I tried to run a Fedora arm image flashed to an sd card. No response from power button. I followed all instructions I could find: trying other flashed sd cards (armbian, manjaro 20.04); reflashing the SPI with zeroes (several days to figure out how to compile the RK flashing utility and then connect (finally) and successfully flashed zeroes to SPI); enableing/disableing the emmc card; downloading a new manjaro (21.04) and flashing it to a new sd (class1) and to the emmc via a USB/emmc unit plugged into a 3.0 port on another computer (all flashing done with Etcher and verified); tried reseating the sd daughter board.
Nothing at any stage made a difference.
The charging light comes on for a a few minutes when plugged in and then goes out. Does that mean that the battery is fully charged? i left the charger in for fifteen hours; the red light would occasionally reappear and after awhile go out.
Still nothing. Inert.
I don't know what else to try The PBP worked well before I tried to load a different OS (Fedora).
Have you learned anything that might be useful?
Anybody? What do you do when there is absolutely no feedback from the PBP?
Is puzzle. Anybody?

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