What native PinePhone application would you like to see in the near future?
(03-27-2021, 07:40 AM)thatrandomguy Wrote:
(02-03-2021, 03:34 AM)kern707 Wrote: What native (mobile optimized) applications would you like to see becoming available for the PinePhone in the near future?

I am not talking about existing applications that are currently not compatible, I am talking about applications that exist on other platforms (such as Android), but are not available for linux phones, and that you would love to have on your PinePhone.

This thread is in order to put together some opinions, that will help developers decide what the end-customer really need / want on their PinePhone, and maybe give it a higher priority.

Any input will be very much appreciated :-)

So right away I feel the need to point out that the PinePhone supports multiple OSs (which they have no control over)—all which vary for support for apps in different ways.

For example, SailfishOS, as I understand it, can actually emulate some Android apps and run them. Arguably, SailfishOS also already comes preloaded with a decent array of native apps (i.e. not Android/iOS) most would probably get use of right out the box. Other OSs like PostmarketOS or Manjaro offer what they do based on their decisions but are also limited to the desktop environment they shuffle. In the case of Manjaro, I believe they like PlasmaMobile... which is KDE whereas others like Mobian make use of Phosh which uses Gnome. Yes, I know there is nothing from stopping someone from running either desktop-distro pairing on whichever distro has an image compatible with the device... I'm merely trying to ingrain the notion that depending on what you decide to use, you HAVE guaranteed things that already work.

What I'm sure this is yet another post for getting Android/iOS apps ported to one of the OSs... in which case this entire thread is misguided if not pointless.

Pine64 has no control over what apps get developed or ported over to projects or distros they obviously do not even manage.

If your intent is to give devs some incentive to develop some app that exists in the Android/iOS space but not on Linux, then I recommend you actually go and bug the developers for those apps. The folks involved with projects like Mobian and PostmarketOS aren't likely to be able to do anything for you regardless of whatever popularity contest is held here.

Just my 2 cents.

P.S. Android emulation is something I believe most projects are aware of and perhaps are investigating still but go figure...

Just some random points for you.

I think you're missing the whole point of the thread. It's a few random people sitting around and talking about what's missing from the PinePhone universe, not requesting any specific person/group to write the applications; since this is the first REAL phone, that I could even think about coding for I find the thread useful.

I'm pretty sure everyone knows that PINE64 is just the hardware vendor, and applications come from sources other then PINE64.org/com - It's pretty obvious.

I can expand on this if you'd like, however, going back to the early history of Linux may not be useful at this time, and your post shows you probably know the history. So I'm not going to bore you with it.

Cheers, and I would love to hear what app(s) you'd like to see running on the PinePhone.

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