What native PinePhone application would you like to see in the near future?
What native (mobile optimized) applications would you like to see becoming available for the PinePhone in the near future?

I am not talking about existing applications that are currently not compatible, I am talking about applications that exist on other platforms (such as Android), but are not available for linux phones, and that you would love to have on your PinePhone.

This thread is in order to put together some opinions, that will help developers decide what the end-customer really need / want on their PinePhone, and maybe give it a higher priority.

Any input will be very much appreciated :-)

(I don't have a PinePhone, but when I do, that's something I'll really look forward to having)
*Update* The Bitwarden desktop flatpak works on Arch now. It is a bit slow and the view is odd, but it works enough to copy and paste passwords (functions to add passwords are off screen so that part does not work)

Bitwarden and a better Matrix client
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Hi there.
This is my first post since I am a happy owner of PinePhone for last few days.

I am personally awaiting dino with libhandy. Puremaps would be also a good one I think (still remember when it was called poormaps on jolla). Mail client with autocrypt/gnupg support and deltachat client would rock.

And epiphany with hardware acceleration.
I would like to have a native Firefox and Deltachat clients, as well as a good, system wise, password manager (possibly compatible with Keepass database). A good map app would also be good.
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Pinephone Mobian CE 3/32Gb
I would like for at least one of the browsers to support DRM decoding for Netflix, Disney Plus, etc

it'd be cool if Anbox worked better, too. then "what Android app do you miss" would be a moot question.
(02-04-2021, 12:38 AM)hiimtye Wrote: I would like for at least one of the browsers to support DRM decoding for Netflix, Disney Plus, etc

IMO, Digital Restrictions Management is not a desirable "feature" and should not be "supported" in F/LOSS.  In fact, I would politely suggest to stop using "services" from any company who are so obnoxious as to think they deserve to run unknown, proprietary code on your device, just to protect their private, dinosaur business model.

The fact that so many people were/are willing to go along with these schemes was what ultimately led to Android and many other OS and devices becoming completely locked down, unusable trash.  Therefore I am not a fan of this sort of stuff creeping into GNU/Linux.


Re: OP

I think that anything which is potentially available as a web interface should be lower priority.  Particularly if it's a well designed, responsive (i.e., mobile friendly) interface.  Not that I prefer web interfaces of course, but rather it's just a matter of prioritizing, at least at first, anyway.
Things I need alternatives for (which I have on my android phone).

A keepass v4 db compatible password manager.
a webdav sync tool if the above does not include one.
An app to sync sms/mms/call logs to my private imap server (using smsbackup+ currently).

Possibly (just unboxed phone and it's running it's updates - KDE):
carddav+caldav sync client (not sure if the kio-slaves or what-have-you currently support doing so).
Saying that Netflix have a dinosaur business model is a bit off the mark IMO. You don't upend the entire TV/Film industry with a dinosaur business model. What alternative are you actually proposing here? Don't get me wrong I still buy Blu Rays and Vinyl records when I wish to own an original but Netflix and Disney are great value services that have their place in probably most of our lives.

I would hope maybe naively that DRM for streamed content could be implemented using open standards and software. It would be an own goal of this project to not support such ubiquitous media platforms if it can be done so on an opt in basis and without compromising the core openness of the project.

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