eSIM on PinePhone
Hey all,

Are multiple eSIMs support on the Pine Phone?

There is no eSIM on the PinePhone.
anyone tried or asked about PinePhone support with
I would clarify if the modem supports eSIM first
#5 is an Android application and as such will not work on the PinePhone. (I strongly doubt that it can be made to work in a virtualized environment such as Waydroid. It probably will not even work under native GloDroid because the app also needs to support the specific hardware.)

You will need a physical SIM card. (And keep in mind that the PinePhone can only accept one SIM card at a time. Using multiple ones requires opening up the phone to physically swap the card.)
An update on this topic:

There is now an eSIM manager for mobile GNU/Linux:

Since the PinePhone does not have eSIM support built in, using this on the PinePhone requires a physical "eSIM card", i.e., a physical SIM card which accepts eSIM downloads. The ones from are such, but do note that the terms of service prohibit using their cards with anything other than their proprietary Android application. So use at your own risk. There are other providers, such as 5ber or sysmocom, who may have friendlier terms of service. Though of course none will officially support third-party applications. At best they will not try to actively ban them through licensing and/or technical measures.

Once you have that, you should be able to get the app to work on your PinePhone by setting some environment variables:

Be warned that I have not tested any of this and that so far I am not aware of anybody having tested it yet.
i sort of like physical sims. nano-sim seems to be good size at the moment.

however, esim inside of physical sim might to be good idea. i probably need to think about it this in the future. i noticed that some operators charge for every activation of esim. which i think it is not a good idea, unless user excessively activates it.

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