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eSIM on PinePhone - just_a_q - 05-18-2022

Hey all,

Are multiple eSIMs support on the Pine Phone?


RE: eSIM on PinePhone - wibble - 05-18-2022

There is no eSIM on the PinePhone.

RE: eSIM on PinePhone - EuvzO8 - 03-14-2023

anyone tried or asked about PinePhone support with

RE: eSIM on PinePhone - bam - 05-11-2024

I would clarify if the modem supports eSIM first

RE: eSIM on PinePhone - Kevin Kofler - 05-14-2024 is an Android application and as such will not work on the PinePhone. (I strongly doubt that it can be made to work in a virtualized environment such as Waydroid. It probably will not even work under native GloDroid because the app also needs to support the specific hardware.)

You will need a physical SIM card. (And keep in mind that the PinePhone can only accept one SIM card at a time. Using multiple ones requires opening up the phone to physically swap the card.)