Can't get Mobian on PinePhone to recognise USB-C docking bar
Hi Folks Smile

I recently purchased a USB-C docking bar and a new convergence-capable PinePhone motherboard, and fitted the new motherboard last weekend.  The Braveheart owner's discount was much appreciated too Smile 

I'm running the Mobian nightly build from 2021-05-02.

When I plug in the USB-C docking bar, it just charges the phone; no peripherals are detected (I have a keyboard, monitor, and trackball connected to the bar).  Instead I get the following in dmesg:

[  494.616801] anx7688 1-0028: DATA role change requested to UFP

I've tried upgrading to the linux-image-5.11-sunxi64 kernel, and flashing the ANX7688 firmware as per these instructions, but to no avail.

Anyone have any suggestions?  I suspect I'm missing something blindingly obvious.

Not all docking bars work with the Pinephone. The one from Pine64 and the Anchor 5 in 1 (reportedly) are two. Others I have tried just don't work. Something makes them not compatible. It would be nice if we could compile a list of ones confirmed to work. I am using the 64W power supply from Pine64 so it shouldn't be a power issue. I was looking for one with a SD card reader built in. I kinda gave up after I bought a flash drive with USB C and USB 3.0 on it that does what I was trying to accomplish. Make it easier transferring music and audio books between devices.
There is a usbc mod on youtube that 'unlocks' the port. It's called "usb-c fix on the pinephone". All you do is heat 2 small pieces while tweezing them off. The hard part is taking it apart and putting it back together. I haven't even tested mine yet. The youtube video references ubports but supposedly there is no software fix at all so if mine balks I'll probably do it if it can't be replaced with one that works. The video is less than 6m and it's very detailed so looks rather easy. I already own a soldering iron like the one pinephone makes and they are cheap.

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