Booting to sdcard stopped working after emmc flash
Hi, after reimaging my emmc with the new December updated Manjaro XFCE, I lost the ability to boot from my sdcard with Debian MrFixIt on it. It now just boots straight to emmc disregarding the sdcard. Could the reimaging of the emmc have messed up the booting of the sdcard?  How do I restore boot priority to the micro sdcard?  Thanks for youir help. Undecided
i would first try rewriting the image or just uboot to the emmc
For me SD boots only if I issue a reboot cmd from emmc. Everytime I power it on it boots from emmc ignoring the SD.
Found the same problem when reinaging my PBP with Mannaro 20.10.

I had to switch uboot from mainline (by default on new reflash) to bsp version

1) backup /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf
2) sudo pacman -Sy uboot-pinebookpro-bsp
3) execute the three commands shown by pacman
4) check id extlinux.conf was modified. If yes, restore from backup in point 1

Now boot from SD card should works. It worked for me at last!

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