Incorrect Passphrase - FIx | How To Reinstall Image.
Courtesy of PureTryOut & TheosProta for starting a thread on this issue.

Image Install :

First download the latest Jumpdrive release (0.6 alpha) from ( Link Below ) and write it to an sdcard using any tool (dd, etcher, everything should work). Put the sdcard into your phone and reboot, it should now boot Jumpdrive rather than the pmOS system.
Then plug your phone into your PC using the provided USB-C cable, the internal storage of the device (eMMC) should now appear as a mass storage device on your computer. Download an image from (Link Below ) you'll probably want    
   and write it to the internal storage of the phone using dd or Etcher again.
Then turn off your phone, take out the sdcard, and turn it back on. You'll be greeted by the installer again you saw on the first boot of your phone and can setup a new encryption password.
JumpDrive :
PMOS Image :

Note : My phone wouldn't show up with my mouse dongle in, using Mint 20. Removed and all was forgiven.

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