PBP with NVMe installed - Issues booting to SD
Hi all,

I have the PBP booting to eMMC with Manjaro (originally shipped with Debian).  I recently received the NVMe adapter and installed a WD Blue SN550 250GB, WDS250G2B0C.  Booting into Manjaro, it sees the NVMe and I'm able to mount the disk and everything seems to be working fine.  

I tried to dd some other distros to the SD card and boot to it, but none seem to boot now except for the original Debian image.  I'm trying to determine if this is a power issue now that I have the NVMe drive (I have not taken the drive out to test, been too lazy to take the laptop apart again).

Has anyone else see this behavior?

Having the NVMe drive installed should not interfere with booting from SD.

What method are you using to write images to your SD cards? If you don't hear/feel the "click" when inserting your SD, use somethin and stiff to help push it in until you feel the click of the card securing.
I've used both the Etcher fork from Pine and also just dd the image to the SD.  The SD card is seating properly.  If I use the Debian Desktop Community build, it boots to the "Open Sesame" screen as expected.  Every other image I've tried, the light on the PBP display orange/amber and then green as expected, but just sits at a black screen.  I'll give it another try this weekend and update the thread.

Thank you,

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