pinebook for specific purposes

I think for your use cases the Pinebook is absolutely fine.

- You can definitely do programming, I have done that with Erlang, Lua, etc. Of course you would not want to do professional programming, but to learn it works fine.
- reading PDFs is no problem and most Pinebook Linux distributions come with a PDF viewer

There are some characteristics of the Pinebook to be aware of:
- The Display is excellent (1080p version). Very sharp and crucially a matt display with hardly any reflection. Way better than many more expensive laptops with glossy displays.
- The touchpad is a bit so so. I have used the keyboard more and more to navigate the GUI. That works quite well with LQXt, KDE, etc..
- The keyboard works fine for me, it has a few quirks with the layout, the main one that " and ' get accessed by Fn key. But nothing you don't get used to.

All in all the OG 1080p Pinebook is very well usable for light tasks like writing, hobby programming and web browsing.
Of course it's super light and the battery lasts in the area of 10h depending on what you do.

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