Is it possible to run x86 binaries on Pinebook via QEMU user space emulation?
Well, I was able to install a debian stretch i686 chroot with debootstrap, and enter it with QEMU user mode.

I was roughly following tutorial for Raspberry Pi:

It's not quite fast, but it works and it consumes a very small amount of memory (overhead is very small per process). And not that slow, as you would expect from true x86 VM on ARM. Overall, CLI is usable. If such chroot is connected to running host X11, this certainly opens up a way to run some x86-only applications on Pinebook (and even some Wine apps).

It's still rough around the edges, like, you need to replace in chroot the /usr/bin/chfn with a symlink to /bin/true during installation. Also, for some reason - it's faster on KDE Neon than on Armbian.

[Image: cN8ak4pl.png]

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