FRUSTRATED Owner Selling Pinebook 14" 16GB
I am seeking bids for my Pinebook 14", 16 GB eMMC with Netrunner.  The case, keyboard and screen are in very good condition, it has easy internet connection and is generally satisfactory (Netrunner is up to date with upgrades, too).  BUT it has just lost its headphone sound (speakers are disconnected BTW).  OK until yesterday when I used it all day.  After switching off for dinner, no sound on resuming  in the evening.  I have removed and replaced alsa, alsamixer, and associated programs; checked all the settings over and over; no luck.  Annoyingly, looking at the waveform on Audacity (for example) I can see music playing, I just can't hear it!  Frustrating.

From previous experience with LINUX I know that these distros can lose bits of themselves if they shut down incorrectly.  The cure is to replace the distro with a fresh copy.  Easy enough except I have bought a number of micro SD cards and the Pinebook hates them all and ignores any alternative distro (or a fresh version of Netrunner).  If you are luckier than me and have got distros to load then you might be interested in this machine as a project.  (If you are not interested in the sound output, then this is just great for you!).

If you like to bid, please contact me on  Any offer over 50 pounds gets free post and packing.  Based in UK, if you are in the Great Yarmouth, Norfolk area I can demonstrate and deliver it.  Photos also available.

Thanks for reading this.

Please Note: Machine now withdrawn from sale.  I managed to load a fresh version of Netrunner  and this brought the sound back.  So I'll keep it a bit longer!  (I do like it when it behaves.)  BTW I managed to overcome the problem of not having a micro SD card the Pinebook would accept.  Removing the eMMC and then trying a boot from the card worked perfectly.  Might be an especially useful wheeze for trying a self contained 'running from the card' distro.  Haven't seen this idea mentioned before but it may have been so apologies if so.

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