Pinebook Solar charging
Well thank you Luke.  Blush
That's why i bought the PB.

Damn i should have included graphs, but mine are pretty straight because i never deplete nor fully load the battery (you know, Lithium-Ion doesn't like that very much)
Yes, it would totally endure more than two weeks with perfect weather but who has that?  Smile
I tried this in Central Europe and we had a heat-wave for 3 weeks so that was easy, it still works with cloudy weather tho.

To my usage: Mostly terminal work (ping, portscan, nmap, wireshark,...), a bit of Mails and light browsing (mostly in APIs)
always in max brightness with a DE (XFCE and MATE equally).

I thought about strapping a bigger solar panel to the top (maybe with Velcro so you can work in the shade while charging)
cause the heat the PB generates is not that of a problem in high temp conditions... unless the plastic melts away of course.

Now i really prefer it to my Dell XPS15 simply because Windows10 sucks for my needs. A simple great little linux machine.
btw i got the 14" model.
Hello FBI,
I am not an actual hacker.

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