DHL delivered Pinebook with broken screen please help.
(07-12-2017, 10:02 AM)peabody1929 Wrote: Hello everyone,

I have disappointing news as well.  My Pinebook arrived with a defective display.  I opened a support ticket and posted pictures of the bad display with the ticket.  It has been nearly two weeks with NO action on the ticket or my issue.  Is Pine planning to honor its warranty policy?

My support ticket is:


Hey peabody1929 i just received a email from Pine64 and they will replace the LCD screen. As TL Lim said on the other tread it seams that the ticket system is moving slowly but he's looking into this so it think you should not worry as I did lol but you posted your support ticket here so I'm sure they will look into this. Well take care hope your issue gets resolved.

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