HELP: PBP screen blanked
(01-16-2021, 08:21 AM)KC9UDX Wrote: What *have* you done so far?

You did a November update to Manjaro.

Did you reflash the eMMC?
Did you try to boot from micro SD?

I don't have experience with this problem, but it seems to be widely reported that a Manjaro update can cause your symptom, and that the U-Boot that comes with Manjaro can disallow booting from micro SD.

Have you read any of the other threads here about this? 

What I expect is that you'll need to put a bootable image on a micro SD card, disable the eMMC by hardware switch, boot to said SD card, and reflash the eMMC.
Hi, thanks for your concern.

1. The usual Manjaro software update and rclone backup
But the rclone stuck for a while, so I hit Ctrl-X to exit and reboot PBP manual by pressing the power button.
Once it rebooted and done with the login, the screen went blank after a very soft blip sound from the speaker.

2. Pine Support's advice
I didn't get any advice from the Forum for resolution and I went to the Support.
Support told me to reflash the eMMC. I didn't have a tool. I followed online's advice to reflash the eMMC using a microSD and also boot PBP from a microSD. Both methods couldn't have PBP in Manjaro login with a normal screen. The screen went blank with a soft blip speaker sound after the usual login.
Then Support advised me to put this on Forum to seek advice as my PBP bought last May has expired warranty period.

These what really happened. I'm kinda lost now and my PBP is as good as useless.

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