Pinebook Pro shows only bright white screen when powered on

I received my Pinebook Pro in Spring 2021.  I last used it about one month ago, and left it disconnected.  So, the battery has completely drained.

I've been charging it using the barrel charger for more than twelve hours.  When I turn it on, the green power light comes on, and the screen comes up bright white.  After ten seconds or so, the backlight dims a bit so it's a softer white.  At that point, I can do things like toggle num lock on my external keyboard.

I don't think it is an OS issue, because it booted completely fine a month ago and I haven't touched it.  But just in case, I am using hand-debootstrapped Debian "bullseye" with a custom kernel build using Manjaro's patches as of a year ago, and stock Debian u-boot.

Any ideas about what these symptoms could indicate?  Really hope it is not bricked!  I don't have UART, but I could get one if it's not just that the screen is completely dead.

Why not try a different OS on SD card?

[ SRA accepts you ]

Everyone wants me to quit using NetBSD
Fair, I put in an SD card with Armbian, but it was no different, unfortunately.
(07-22-2022, 01:20 AM)KC9UDX Wrote: Why not try a different OS on SD card?

Even easier, no guarantees.....
Try a hard power off,,,/ hard reset,, in that order
try start up between
(press power button (and hold),, 6-7s,,,/ 20+s)

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