[Possible solution] Stuck on blank screen
It seems that being stuck on a blank screen after the pine64 splash screen is a pretty common issue lately. Most of the time it happens after an OTA update but for me, it happened as well when I hard shutdown my PinePhone after being unresponsive. 

I'm not sure if this is always the case but here's some steps you can try to recover your UT installation.

  1. Shutdown your PinePhone.
  2. Press and hold Power + Volume Up until it boots to the recovery mode screen (one that shows Installing Update)
  3. Connect your PinePhone to a desktop/laptop via USB cable.
  4. Check if all partitions in your UT installation, either emmc or sd card, can be mounted. In my case, the userdata is corrupted and cannot be mounted.
  5. If you found a partition that cannot be mounted, run the command below
    sudo fsck /dev/<partition id>exampleConfusedudo fsck /dev/sdb10
  6. The command will check for errors and you will be asked if you want to fix them. Just answer Y in those questions.
  7. Eject your PinePhone and shut it down.
  8. Turn it on and see if it boots properly now.
Thx! This worked for me. Userdata was corrupted.
Thank you, this worked for me as well.
can this also happen when flashing newly to the SD card?
i just flashed the sd with ubports and after one successful boot, its blank/black.
Maybe caused by this https://forum.pine64.org/showthread.php?tid=9832

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