Selling my PBP
My PBP ANSI from January batch will be up for sale by end of next week.

It has 64GB eMMC, all is working without issues. 
I will add a secondary 64GB eMMC card along with USB adapter along with it (I have used the second one for backup)
A fresh manjaro instalation will be installed on both eMMC cards.

200EUR is the price, I pay postage for ordinary post service. DHL is an option, but then buyer pays p&p since it is much more expensive.
Paypal accepted. 

Anyone interested?
Where are you shipping from?
From Slovenia Europe.
And you're sure it's not the ISO (international) but ANSI (American) style keyboard?
Yes, I program on ANSI keyboards, layout is better, and also the original package says ANSI on it. Big Grin
Very tempting! The Euro is still higher than USD though. You may hear from me later.
Payment sent!

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