Selling my Pinebook Pro
Hello all together,

Since I have not been using my Pinebook Pro as much as I expected, I have decided to sell it to someone who will have more fun with it than I have at the moment.
The Pinebook is from the first batch and therefore has the 128Gb eMMC. The laptop is in good shape (images attached) but on the screen edges the plastic has broken. However, this does not impair using the device. 
I am selling the laptop for €200 plus DHL shipping. I live in Germany, so obviously for German people it will be cheaper to get it. 

PM me when interested Smile
I'm in the uk. Do you know the cost of mailing there?

Pms arent working for me. I think because I'm new.
Seems like you have PMs disabled. Delivery to the UK is 12.70 EUR.
Can you ship to North Macedonia? DM not working
This is as much for the mods as it is for Brent. Can a mod please unblock my PMs so I can discuss details? I am keen Brent, how do you want the money transferred?
Well I received your PM but I can't reply to it... Please send me an email to brent(dot)thierens(at)gmail(dot)com.
Email sent
(04-29-2021, 11:21 AM)brent.thierens Wrote: Sold!


As described, with a little bit of battery and a completely fresh manjaro install.

Brent seems like a good guy.

Brent, if you're ever in my area, let me know and I'll take you for a coffee.

Big Grin

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