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Selling my PBP - krigl - 05-07-2020

My PBP ANSI from January batch will be up for sale by end of next week.

It has 64GB eMMC, all is working without issues. 
I will add a secondary 64GB eMMC card along with USB adapter along with it (I have used the second one for backup)
A fresh manjaro instalation will be installed on both eMMC cards.

200EUR is the price, I pay postage for ordinary post service. DHL is an option, but then buyer pays p&p since it is much more expensive.
Paypal accepted. 

Anyone interested?

Selling my PBP - Samurai_Crow - 05-09-2020

Where are you shipping from?

RE: Selling my PBP - krigl - 05-10-2020

From Slovenia Europe.

Selling my PBP - Samurai_Crow - 05-10-2020

And you're sure it's not the ISO (international) but ANSI (American) style keyboard?

RE: Selling my PBP - krigl - 05-10-2020

Yes, I program on ANSI keyboards, layout is better, and also the original package says ANSI on it. Big Grin

Selling my PBP - Samurai_Crow - 05-11-2020

Very tempting! The Euro is still higher than USD though. You may hear from me later.

Selling my PBP - Samurai_Crow - 05-11-2020

Payment sent!

RE: Selling my PBP - krigl - 05-11-2020