X.org crashes / Debian Bulleyes
On a unstable debian install, I use libmesa from experimental and it works pretty well : no more crash using gtk app

I didn't notice the dependency on gcc10, I'll check this out tonight, but it seemed a rather simple update to me.
libgcc1 is from GCC10 in unstable.

just use the mesa-git installer to create a separate mesa install in /usr/local. it solves all of debian's 19.3.x problems AND provides better performance.

you can use the master branch or 20.0 branch. (rc3 irrc)

i made a script to help y'all...
I also encountered this crash with a fresh installation - it was especially nasty because it put lightdm into an endless loop of starting the X server, starting the greeter, X crashes, repeat...

However, installing Mesa 20.0 from experimental fixed it.  Specifically, upgrading these packages from 19.3.3-1 (unstable) to 20.0.0-1 (experimental) is sufficient to solve the crash:


And I'm pleased to say that the display corruption problems (e.g. illegibly pixelated text) I was seeing with the stock (stretch-based) install are completely gone.

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