when i close my laptop lid the screen doesn't turn on? (debian bullseye based)

I am using dietpi, i messed around with it and i don't know why when i close the lid, i don't see anything! i don't see the backlight on too! so i'm not sure what happened, maybe i accidentally deleted a package or could be i have wayland
are you trying to close the lid and continue using the PBP through a dock/external monitor? If so, have you already checked the settings in your desktop environment for lid close behavior? I believe most default to putting the computer to sleep when the lid is closed, so it would need to be changed.
sorry late response. i was messing around with my pinebook and its just how it is i guess because i have sway wayland on it. i also dont have a dock for it yet.

unrelated, but would this dock work, it's a third party https://m.aliexpress.com/item/1005004533...4itemAdapt
Sorry, I didn't know nvme ssd would cause issue for this, I have one and it happened to not sleep for multiple times on a different sd card i had (i also use an sd card to boot, not emmc)

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