No POWER after installing Manjaro on microsd
Hi guys,

I hoping to get some assistance with my pinebook pro which no longer powers on.
I've been using the factory installed debian and thought i'd give manjaro a go.
I used the Manjaro-ARM-kde-plasma-pbpro-19.12.img.xz image and put it on my micro sd via etcher. After booting up on the micro sd the manjaro install continued (i chose user name, keyboard layout etc) then it rebooted
Since then I can't get my pinebook to power on with either the micro sd in or out (I was at least hoping debian would run without the micro sd).

I came across this thread but want to be I believe my situation is different (I thought I didn't write to eMMC)???

-update 1- since writing this post, I have been able to get the power light on (flashing, but nothing on screen).
-update 2- i've plugged in power and it boots now via debian. I will test further and report back
Many thanks

hmmm... i feel like an idiot but when I plugged in the charger cable I was able to boot again in debian and also complete the install of manjaro on the micro sd???

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