PineTime case
I got my PineTime dev kit this morning.  Very nice packaging.  When I unpacked everything I found that the case back had come off the watch.  I have been trying to get get the two parts of the watch together so I can charge it for over 30 minutes with no luck.  It looks like the case back should just snap onto the watch but no matter how hard I press this does not happen.  I have the back properly positioned, with the charging pins over the metal connectors on the circuit board.  Is there a trick to getting the case back onto the watch?
No trick involved, the case is usually glued/sealed shut. On the devkit there is no glue, so I usually just use some tape strips to hold it together while charging...
Come have a chat in the Pine A64 IRC channel >>
Thank you. I guess it will take me a while to get into maker mode.

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