Adjusting screen resolution lead to a black screen
I'm with Arwen on this one.

For quite some time I was in the 'there is no need for a resolution higher than 1024x768 on a 14-15" screen' camp (for those who still remember those, heh). Until one day in 2008 I got my hands on a ThinkPad T23 with a 1400x1050 panel. At first I was running Windows on it. Windows XP specifically, as it was too weak for the newly released Vista, even though it was fully maxed out. Unfortunately, everything prior to Vista has a horrific scaling implementation, though at the time I was pretty oblivious to anything about scaling. And I hated the experience - that was before my eye surgery. But then one day I tried Linux, Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron at the time, and found out that I can scale the fonts pretty much throughout the whole system by controlling DPI settings. Moreover, if I set DPI to a value that matches the actual pixel density of the physical screen if I set the zoom in a document editor to 100% the page size on the screen actually matches (more or less) the physical size of the paper I'm going to print it on. Then I found out that unlike in Windows I can adjust font sizes easily throughout the system independently from the DPI settings, meaning I can set DPI to match the actual physical screen, and then adjust the fonts to whatever size I want them to be. That was one of the many things I found out I like about Linux. Since then I've always been trying to buy the highest resolution screen I could find. E.g., all my latest laptops have 15.6" screens with 3840x2160 resolution, and they look great. If not for scaling they'd be completely unusable, I admit. But with scaling while they don't show more information than a screen of the same size with 1920x1080 or 1280x720 resolution they do look much, much sharper, and can show more detail if need be.

The point of my little story - you can approach the problem in a wrong or in a right way. If you approach it in a right way you'll get your letters in any bigger size you like while keeping your image sharp, and then some. And if you approach it in a wrong way you'll be stuck trying to macguyver a fresnel lens onto a screen to avoid soft-bricking your PBP or gods forbid to learn a new way of doing things. If you don't know where to start trying to "fix" things the right way - is a good place.
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