Adjusting screen resolution lead to a black screen
(11-12-2019, 02:29 PM)Linux-RobI am unable Wrote: I finally received my PBP. And broke it already... I run the default linux Open Sesame, as it comes from the factory.

As I could barely read the small letters with the HD / 1920x1080 resolution, I choose to reduce the resolution.

I changed it from the display settings from 1920x1080 to something like 1360x786 or so.
I clicked apply system wide, and apply.

After a reboot, I get the login prompt. When I login, the screen goes blank and stays blank.

How can I restore the original settings, or boot to rescue mode, or reset factory defaults, without having the GUI? From the console prompt? Or any other option?

I am unable to replicate your issue. Like @PineFan I am also unable to change resolution system wide. It remains 1920x1080.  But when I select "apply" instead of "apply system wide" the screen does indeed go blank. This condition does not survive reboot however on my system.

You should be able to get to a console by entering Ctrl-Alt-F1. Then you can find Xorg errors using the following after logging in:

$ grep EE /var/log/Xorg.0.log

That is a zero and not a capital o

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