128GB and ANSI
Assuming I'm on the list to get the 128GB upgrade, what are the odds the second batch comes with the ANSI keyboard.

Or, once the ANSI keyboards are open to the public, how much more will the 128GB version be. I see that the 128GB eMMC is $20 more than the 64 in the store, would this be a reasonable price point for the laptop upgrade, or would I have to buy that chip separately?


EDIT: Since I'm here, is there a way to tell if I made it on the pre-order list?
Your answers can be found with a quick search, this thread has most of your answers.


In summary,
After batch two, eMMC upgrades are done yourself (so buy the chip separate)
No ANSI for now.
You would receive an email confirming you are on the list, if that did not happen and it was filtered. Requesting again will return an error if you are already on the list.

Please conduct a quick search before opening new threads for already answered questions. Thank you.
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It is not explicitly mentioned on the product page and often asked, so I think posting the question again can be forgiven.

If you want the free 128 GB upgrade, you must order from the current batch with ISO keyboard. Following batches will come with 64 GB, and a 128 GB upgrade will cost extra.

Pinebook Pro with ANSI keyboard will come at some unspecified point in the future, and the keyboard will also be available as a spare part. However, for reasons I do not understand, Pine64 has decided to make the keyboard bezels incompatible between ANSI and ISO layouts. So you have to buy a top case too if you buy the ISO model now and want to switch layouts later.

If you want the extra storage, I think the most cost-effective suggestion is to buy the 64 GB ANSI version when it comes out, plus the M.2 cable, and install an M.2 SSD. You can find suggestions for SSDs in this thread: https://forum.pine64.org/showthread.php?tid=7766
They sell the bottom part of the case including keyboard and touchpad for the older model in the store. It's very reasonable but iirc that model was plastic. I assume they'll do the same thing for the PBP so people can buy the ANSI keyboard later. I'm not sure how much they'll charge for it though. The 128GB eMMC is $55 in the store so if it's less than or equal to that then it's worth getting the ISO model now and swapping the case with the keyboard and mouse later.
Ansi keyboard the most important thing, hopefully it can arrive at the second batch

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