US Ansi Pinebook Pro for Sale
Pinebook Pro, ordered in mid-2020 but used very lightly since (mained for about 2 weeks). US ANSI keyboard. Comes with a 256GB Samsung Evo SD card that has a fresh install of Manjaro XFCE on it.

Hoping to sell for $175 150 shipped to the US.


  • Note that the laptop has issues booting from the internal eMMC.The eMMC itself seems to be OK when removed from the laptop and plugged into a computer using the USB adapter, but I could not get the laptop to boot from it, and it’s not visible from an SD-card booted Linux instance. It’s possible the port is damaged in some way, or the issue is fixable and I just don’t know how, but I wouldn’t count on it. The eMMC itself has also been wiped.
  • Upgraded the trackpad firmware.
  • Comes with a USB eMMC adapter and serial console adapter from the Pine Store.
msg sent
The machine is still for sell?

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