RockPro64 not booting
(04-20-2019, 03:01 PM)jekohk Wrote: Hey all,

Posting here in hopes that I can get some guidance on where to turn next. Wanted a second opinion before I go ahead and attempt to get a replacement board, since the last one took close to a month to ship. 

Essentially, my RockPro64 just refuses to boot. I'm using the 64GB SD Card purchased from the Pine store, and have tried burning multiple distros to the card using multiple devices (a mac, PC, and linux machine) but no dice. When I plug in power, the lights on the Ethernet port light up, as well as the power light next to the DC input, but it looks like the USB ports get no power as my KB and mouse do not light up and I get no signal from HDMI. 

I then purchased a serial adapter CH340G to attempt to check the boot process of the board, however I can't seem to get any serial output from the board either (My steps for that detailed in a post here)

Apparently it is common that the SD Card slot on the boards ships broken, does it sound like that is the case? It looks like the board itself is getting power according to the lights on the ethernet port. 

Additionally, does it make sense that I would get no serial output even if the SD Card slot was broken? Will the board only begin outputting to the serial terminal if it has a functioning boot device? I was hoping even if the sd card slot was bad, I would at least see some errors in the serial console as it tried to boot.

Just looking for advice on what to do next/if it's worth debugging further or if I should begin the returns process?
Thats because the SPI is not booting from the SD card or your distribution is wrong. To adjust the SPI look at the RockPro64 wiki page. I had many problems with a lot of distribution. I only can say try out try out try out.

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