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Clusterboard issue: onboard leds off / no boot
Ok, UART adapter it's arrived today.
Following THIS schema i connected 

GND on pin 9
TX on pin 11
RX on pin 12

Which Armbian version is preferred to use now?

This is one I built that has the networking fix already included.

Still waiting for it to make it into master in armbian build repo.
In the last few days i made some tests with the same expected results..

1° test: only one module in the clusterboard to test the module and the sd card.
Boot perfectly, i tested all modules on all slots and they works fine.

2° test: all modules on the board.
Module on slot #2 and #4 doesn't boot up. During the fist seconds on the screen i can see some caracters but it seems that the board stop trasmitting data.
The "rx" led on UART module stop blinking and i never car reach the login line.
On all the others slot after the same characters i can reach the login line.

The leds on usb side on slot from 1 to 4 are stationary on, the others are off

[Image: tRZKR6q.jpg]
[Image: RVm8igO.jpg]

[Image: C1sGafP.jpg]

On all the other slots the boot work fine

[Image: X0kVIez.jpg]

So, what tests can i do now?

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