Managed Ethernet switch on the Clusterboard

The switch ASIC used on the Clusterboard is Realtek RTL8370N, which the wiki page declares as an unmanaged switch ASIC.  However, this switch ASIC actually includes all of the necessary logic to work as a managed switch, with a pretty complete feature set.  It also has a built-in Intel 8051, which can be used to implement a management interface.

As a confirmation, the RTL8370N ASIC is used in the D-Link DGS-1100-08, which is a managed Ethernet switch.  This D-Link switch includes no other management-related components, only the RTL8370N ASIC.

I am willing to work on implementing the required management interface and other software support, which would turn the RTL8370N into a managed Ethernet switch.  IMHO, that would be great, but it would require an SDK that can only be provided by Realtek.

@tllim, would you be able to provide the above-described SDK, please?

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