HDMI Video Resolution
wahdooyah are you using the latest image with the provided sunxi display tool included?

What optargs do you have set in /boot/uEnv.txt?

If yes to the above what resolutions have you tried out?

Also do a cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf and tell me if you are have fbturbo listed as the driver in the config.

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Well, I'm having the opposite problem. I have a 1080p60 Samsung monitor (S22D300HY) and using Debian, I only get a 1280x720 0 Hz (?) setting. Using Ubuntu, I was able to switch to a 1920x1080 resolution, but not with Debian MATE.

I've tried using xrandr to change resolutions, but... no go. When I tried to push it higher, I got a wicked distortion instead. Luckily I was able to set it back.

J. Ouellette
    A64-DB-2G-RevB (2016-03-21)
    +WiFi/BT +IR
    Android Lollipop
    Ubuntu/Xenial 16.04LTS/3.10.102-2-pine64-longsleep (64GB)
    Debian 8.5 (jessie)/MATE 1.8.1/3.10.102-2-pine64-longsleep (64GB)

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