Can't get past boot screen... (RESOLVED)
Great to hear! Smile

Now to go return the card to Best Buy!
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I had the same issue, the board said it would work with 128gb, i tried all 3 builds of Android that were available, & remix OS. I switched to the 32gb sd card(SanDisk Ultra)and the only version of Android of the 3 available that i could get working was that one that didnt have the word "Sun" in the image name. I had to switch my power supply out a couple of times and i got a white Original Samsung adapter paired with the Xbox One Elite cord(the most quality pieces i had to use) and it worked. I might add that my black charger of the same design (chinese copy) blew and is in the trash.

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(03-31-2016, 05:56 PM)codetheweb Wrote: I tested the card I was using, a SanDisk 64 GB, and the tool said it was bad.

As expected. Print out the report and ask for a refund. All larger retailers that sell flash based media know both f3 and H2testw and you will never have a problem to get a refund based on the tool's report that the card is bad.
(03-31-2016, 09:47 AM)Andrew2 Wrote:
(03-31-2016, 08:57 AM)codetheweb Wrote: The SD card I'm using was bought new from Best Buy...

Counterfeit cards get into the supply chain pretty early somewhere in Asia so you get them from any retailer worldwide. Checking control samples doesn't work either since a retailer doesn't get a batch of 1000 counterfeit cards but maybe 50 out of 1000 are fake. Therefore always test directly after purchase. It's worth the time. And in case you use an USB card reader to later burn images on use this for the test also since sometimes it's the reader that corrupts data and the card itself is fine)

If you're on Windows I would prefer H2testw for the following reason: H2testw always shows actual transfer speeds while f3 only reports average speeds at the end. And it's pretty funny to watch SD cards or pen drives starting to throttle after a few minutes due to overheating.

How can I test on Mac. I am having issues too.

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