How to boot from SD card on pinebook pro
Recently, i've tried to install manjaro XFCE on to my pinebook pro.
I burned the image to an SD card, and inserted it into my pinebook pro.
When I boot, I get the orange power light, followed by the green, but no video output.
This is really stumping me.
What type of SD are you using? I could be one that doesn't play well with booting on the PBP. Do you have any USB thumbdrives laying around? If Manjaro came installed on your emmc, you can boot from that, too. Or you cn also try booting this installer image (it's older, but updateable. for some reason there are reports of issues booting the newer SD-to-emmc installers.)
Thanks for the help.
I'm using a SanDisk 32GB microSD, and I do have an 8GB USB drive.
I will try burning that image you mentioned, and I will give you updates.
Much appreciated
I burned 20.04 to my card.
It boots regularly, but horribly slow.
No difference.
Thanks anyway though

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