Maximum size of boot MicroSD for RockPro64 and Pinebook Pro
I'm getting ready to boot a RockPro64 on Armbian 22.05 and. as soon as it arrives, my new Pinebook Pro as well.  I've looked at the wiki pages, but nowhere can I find a maximum size limit for the boot microSD card.  Can anyone:

1.   Advise me if here is a size limit recognised by either system for MicroSD cards?

2.   Can a MicroSD card which is used to boot the system be partitioned, or must it be left as a single partitioned drive?

I've decided not to add an NVME card to the Pinebook Pro because, compared to the supplied drive or an SD card, they seem to be power hogs.  For its intended uses the laptop needs battery life and storage size far more than memory read-write speed., so I'm hoping to use a single, huge MicroSD as its primary disk drive.

Any suggestions would be most welcome.  Perhaps I'm being overly cautious, but I can still remember HP-1000 computers, which had odd maximum addressing problems on very large disk drives.


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