Quartz64 model a wont boot
Hey all

I'm new to the pine world, have used other sbc's multiple times. I've got the quartz64 model A, installed a 32Gb emmc module and using a power adaptor from the pine store (https://pine64.com/product/12v-5a-us-power-supply/). When I plug in the power supply I get the green DC light, I've followed the instructions from this link: https://wiki.pine64.org/wiki/Installing_...e_Quartz64

I have a 16Gb SD card in my laptop, run this command (SD card is mounted as sda): 
sudo -i; xzcat images/rk3566-quartz64-a.dtb.img.xz > /dev/sda

Terminal then shows "[root@fedora ~]#"
I enter "sudo sync"
I get no errors but also get no output just goes to the next line showing "[root@fedora ~]#"
Am I suppose to get some output? When I go into the device in file explorer it shows as empty, In terminal after the sync command if I run LS I see anaconda.cfg, eclipse, eclipse-workplace, rpmbuild, snap and another directory named with Asian characters

I've put this SD card into the pine, plugged in the power and no output on the screen, I pressed and also tried holding down the power button, still no output, tried the same with the reset button and still nothing. I've tried removing the emmc module and retried the buttons and removing repluging in the power, still nothing. and also with the SD card unplugged too, still nothing on screen

What else can I try? or have I missed something?
I've tried searching online but unable to find further resources

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