Pinebook not booting for the 1st time
I am experiencing very unfortunate event - pinebook that came to me does not boot. I hope the community can help me with this.
Here is my case:

After delivery I tried to start pinebook by hitting the power button. The green power led turned on and nothing happened - screen did not react, no flash, no out of battery sign as many other users had experienced. I powered it down (pressing power button for ~5 seconds), the green power light went off. Then I plugged the charger in and the green power led button turned on again and that's it, nothing else happened. Unplugging the cable does nothing. The plastic around the charger port does not get warmer but the camera does get warmer when the device is plugged in. I tried unplugging the power cord and closing the lid, as I could see the green led light is still on, does not react to the lid.
I let it charge overnight, tried plugging charging cable many times and it made no effect. No other led lights turned on so far.

I wrote a support ticket but still got no response (after 4 days 17 hours passed at the time of the writing of this post).

Does anyone know what can be done in this case? I will gladly do any debugging that could help.
Also, I am not sure if I can unscrew the screws and look into the insides of the laptop without voiding the 30-day warranty in case the device is defective/dead. Can I do that safely? I have a suspicion that it is that the display is not working (just an assumption as of now) so I want to see if it is all plugged correctly inside.

 I would also appreciate any other information that can be useful in my case.
Thank you.
I opened the back cover up, nothing looks weird or unusual.
The usb ports have current, I can charge my phone from it but the phone does not recognize a PC.
Still looking for ways to debug/fix the issue.
Suggest you join the IRC for troubleshooting
You can find me on IRC, Discord and Twitter

I am having a similar problem that I have posted about. Mine actually did come on a few times. However anytime I power it off it is very difficult to get it to power one again. I too put in a support ticket about 4 days ago with no response. I put in a second one today. I really would like to use my new Pinebook, but for now it is for all practical purposes unusable to me.
I am having the same issue, it takes me a lot of retries until the pinebook finally decides to properly start up. I either get complete blank with some screen flickering, or I get JUST the boot logo, and  few times I get  boot logo AND the 4 pines from the startup screen, I always have to keep my breath whether it properly loads or not....
If you open up the Pinebook - try to reseat the emmc drive?
Or try to boot from a MicroSD with OS....
Well it is both, and I really did no statistics on it, but it feels like it is a little more on the SD boot than the emmc, but it happens with both
Mi PB funcionaba perfectamente pero desde hace 10 dias no lee tarjeta SD ni eMMC. No aparece en la pantalla LCD de pinebook; sin embargo, si funciona tarjeta SD si conecto HDMI a TV, pero no si arraca desde eMMC. SOS!!!

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