Controller for android games
Hey guys,

Sorry if this question has been asked before, but for playing android games from the play store (angry birds, jet pack and the likes) is it better to use an air mouse or a bluetooth controller? I have neither so i was wondering which i should buy?

Thanks in advance,
For games using touch to controll them (not joystick and a b x y buttons) an airmouse will be best.
Personally I'm using a DualShock 4 controller (PS4) (BT) but than again I'm not playing any games that needs the physical touch. Wink
Ok thanks for the advice, an airmouse it is then. most of the games i want to play are touch controlled
Since the topic is on controller, may I just ask anybody has recommendations on BT controllers for Android? Smile
Something I may be keen to try is the ouya controller. Anyone tried one of these on android?

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(08-08-2016, 07:59 PM)msbatman Wrote: Since the topic is on controller, may I just ask anybody has recommendations on BT controllers for Android? Smile

Tarjei has mentioned he's using a PS4 controller with good success.  I think others have mentioned using a PS3 controller or an Xbox controller.  I had asked in the gaming section if anyone had tried to use the Wii remote, as it resembles the original NES controller layout when turned sideways, but no responses.  I have been meaning to try it myself, but I haven't put together my gaming SD card yet, so have not tried.

There is a lot more info in the Game Station area of the forums as well, on controllers and games and such.  Worth taking a look.
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Thanks montero65! I've been focusing on this Android section, I realized i've been missing out a lot on the other side.
Found a Game section under the "Project Idea and Suggestion - Game Station Emulation":

I suppose you are referring to this Big Grin
Yep, that's the section I meant. I should have given the link I guess, but it is pretty easy to find. I've found the forums divided up by topic pretty well, so sometimes will have better luck in specific topic areas. But the general area is still a good place to try if you can't find in the sub topic area.

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I've been using a wired xbox controller and I get mixed results. most of the time its great. depending on the game or program it doesn't work well at all. For example most emus are totally fine. Touch screen games? Not so much. I used one PSX emu that did not like my controller at all and didnt recognize any inputs. Huh  Sometimes Kodi will flip out if it's plugged in (but i have that same issue on a PC so i think it might be the kind of input the controller has or something rather than the program itself).
I already had it so that's why I use it. There might be better options in terms of overall compatability but for what i do, it works pretty well  Smile

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