Issues with SD Card and Running Android
Im new to this whole thing but I have an issue. I have a pineA64 1gb that I use to run andoid in my car for my tuning software and guages. I have it running through the HDMI to my screen and i have it hardwired to a power source as well as a battery backup(the tripple 18650 case from pine). 

My problem: I will go out to the car and it wont load up, says no hdmi output(more freqently now that its cold, even if I bring the computer in the house and hook up to my TV it still says the same thing) but to get it to work again i to have to wipe the SD card and then reinstall the android image. Now I dont shut down the computer, its running all the time so i should just be able to turn my monitor on and it there for me to use but nearly every week im having to wipe and re-etch the image. What can I do to stop this? I have even gotten to the point where I remove the computer and bring it in the house so the cold wont affect it but I still have to wipe it every week it seems.

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