Sound on Armbian
After trying DietPi and Manjaro, I've found that Armbian has been working best for me, with a working sleep and wake, e.g. But I have been unable to get sound from it.

$ sudo inxi -A
  Device-1: simple-audio-card driver: asoc_simple_card
  Device-2: simple-audio-card driver: N/A
  Sound Server-1: ALSA v: k6.1.11-rockchip64 running: yes
  Sound Server-2: PulseAudio v: 15.99.1 running: yes
  Sound Server-3: PipeWire v: 0.3.48 running: yes

I know the speaker itself works physically, because I did have sound under Manjaro.

Does anyone know what could be going wrong with sound in Armbian?
Which image are you using?

I just got Armbian working on mine, finally, did not even check sound until you mentioned it. lol

But I just did so now and it seems to work (I watched a YouTube video in Firefox). Front speakers as well as headphones seem to be working. Although when I plug headphones in, the speakers seem to stay on. Maybe the headphone plug cannot go in deep enough, or maybe detection is off, I dunno yet, first I noticed.

This is on Armbian_23.02.0-trunk_Pinebook-pro_sid_edge_6.1.11_xfce_desktop.img.xz, installed to eMMC, with tow-boot on SPI.

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