Armbian is dropping support for Pinebook Pro
Armbian has recently announced that they are going to drop support for the bulk of the boards to secure better quality on those that will remain.

Armbian team took over what was possible, while the remaining boards, which won't get a maintainer by December 1st, will lose supported status and will be removed from the download pages.

If you would like to keep Pinebook Pro supported, apply for its maintaining.
Other Pine64 boards also seem to be effected. Would be nice if some new maintainers could be found.
Yes, and other boards besides PINE64 products as well (I personally also have an old Cubietruck that's still working just fine for years now). Anyway, this is why I am trying to help get the word out. I am even thinking about trying my hand at some maintainership. I don't think you need to be a kernel hacker necessarily (I certainly am not!), just own 2 or more of device in question and test new images as they come out. Keep in touch on forums, etc.

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