PineTime beginner
Hi all,
I've just received the PineTime.
I thought is was a 'stand alone' watch and only now I'm realizing that I need to set it using an APP.
I read some infos but I've some problems to understand wich is the right APP I need to install on my desktop (Ubuntu LTS 20.04)

And if I can install an APP on my Vollaphone22 (VollaOS or Ubuntu Touch).

Would anyone be so kind as to give me some suggestions?
Thanks in advance

Marco (Italy)

I have only used gadgetbridge so can't comment directly on the linux options.
(11-13-2022, 09:21 AM)wibble Wrote:

I have only used gadgetbridge so can't comment directly on the linux options. 

The options include Siglo (Linux), Itd (Daemon that sends notifications to the watch using systemd), Infini-link (iOS), Gadgetbridge (Android) and Amazfish (SailfishOS).

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