Saving, loading, sending and receiving images via Bluetooth to and from Pinetime
I'd love to see the Pinetime become a more customisable accessory in the "fashion" sense of the word. To achieve this, more customisable watch faces seem like a worthwhile goal. Infinitime (or other Pinetime-compatible operating systems) would need to facilitate the storing, loading, sending and receiving of images to be displayed on the device. They could be displayed either as full screen display graphics, or as backgrounds appearing beneath clock elements.

How realistic would it be to implement these functions, given the device's hardware constraints? Obviously the device handles Bluetooth data receiving well, as that's how the firmware is updated on "sealed" units. The only smart watch I've played with so far is a Pinetime, but I've seen images used as backgrounds/wallpaper on other brands of smart watch. Given the Pinetime screen resolution is only 240 x 240 pixels, the image files should be workably small. I'm really keen to customise my Pinetime further and see this as a great way to increase the public appeal of the device.

I've made this a feature request (via "Infinitime/Issues") over at Github.. if you like the idea, you're welcome to pop over there and give it a vote of support or comment.

Link:  Rolleyes
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