This Qutebrowser config file made browsing on the PinePhone great again
A good friend of mine has put together a Qutebrowser config file which pretty much mixes anonymity, privacy, and performance into 1 thing.
I tried this on my PinePhone and I was blown away by how fast and light the browser suddenly felt.
The creator of this config file doesn't speak any English, so I'll just provide some free shilling.

The file:

In a nutshell:
1. Blocks all hostnames owned by Google, Fakebook, and Twitter. One line that's commented out blocks all of them + CloudFlare, but since blocking CloudFlare breaks 90% of the entire internet, he decided not to block it by default.
2. Makes browser fingerprint as generic as possible.
3. Blocks ads very hardcore (uses Brave's block list alongside a couple of custom ones, the trade off is that the browser takes much longer to boot though, also requires "adblock" from pip to function).
4. Disables Javascript by default (though allows some exceptions with examples so you can add whatever exception you want).
5. Goes over the Tor network by default (therefore you need to install the "tor" package via apt-get).
6. Remaps the open in new tab, back, and forward bindings to make it usable with Squeekboard.
7. DuckDuckGo as default search engine (though option exists to enable Yacy instead).
8. Bindings to enable/disable Javascript and Tor routing at any time.
9. Bindings to download media using wget (you need to adjust the path by yourself though), download YouTube videos using yt-dlp (so yt-dlp is required) or open them in VLC.
10. Bindings to open in private window.
11. Always uses "low end device mode", so it uses far less RAM.
12. Saves all the tabs you have open automatically when you close the browser.
13. Bindings to copy image URL.
14. Uses KDE Breeze's color scheme for the UI (which you can hide using keybindings).

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