unofficial kali linux for pinephone help needed
Currently packet injection is not working on the unofficial kali linux pinephone image based from mobian.
I asked the dev when it will be added but he doesn't know because he doesn't have time to try new things. he can only build the kernel at the moment.
 My conversation is located here

 So what I'm asking you people is if someone can help him add packet injection to his image please?
Tested the image for a few days, everything seems to work pretty well.

Concerning the incoming call there is the same problem we had about 1,5 years ago in other distros - from suspend it takes about
6-7 dial tones resp. 30 sec. till the pinephone rings. Meanwhile this issue has been solved, see I think the --test-quick-suspend-resume mode needs to be activated.
I tried it, and I saw that when I try packet injection in managed mode then it will work but when I try in monitor mode then it is not working.
Packet injection is working in the recent release.
(08-23-2022, 01:45 AM)Shubhamvis98 Wrote: Packet injection is working in the recent release.

Everything works pretty well, installed on a micro sd-card (pmos on emmc).

Energy-consumption is about 4,6% per hour in deep sleep - in postmarket os it's about 4% per hour.

Up to now energy-consumption was about 1,8% per hour - could this be an issue in tow-boot?

Edit: I flashed tow-boot one more time, now energy-consumption is normal.
(08-23-2022, 01:45 AM)Shubhamvis98 Wrote: Packet injection is working in the recent release.

hey man i have been trying to actually contact u but i dont have any of the social media options u left of git hub its pretty important not trying to have the whole intro public. could u by chance discord me or facebook anything beside twitter and instagram. my discord username is erplegend#9791  i would greatly apprecite the reach out

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