any way to turn off authentication on pinephone?
I'm using it purely as a phone and reader, and there's nothing on the pinephone of any interest to anyone. The authentication step is a bother but would be okay if it only happened on reboot. But it's every single time after the screen blanks, which is a *giant* bother. (More so for me than some people because I have very dry skin, and everything on a touchscreen takes multiple tries for me.)

Oh, I do have the screen set to never blank while I'm using it, but I doubt that's a good idea when it's knocking around in my pocket.

Is there any way to bypass authentication entirely? I'm happy to edit files in /etc or wherever, but will need step-by-step instructions. Bad things happen when I try to improvise as root Dodgy .
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OS: Mobian Bookworm, Phosh. Pinephone Braveheart from 2020-02-11
Not yet AFAIK. There's an outstanding phosh bug/feature request asking for an option to disable password authentication on the lock screen, but nobody has implemented it yet. I think that would still need a touchscreen action like a swipe, but a lot less involved than a full unlock.
as a partial solution, why change password to one digit, like "9". obvious disadvantage, do not use ssh or change ssh to allow different user.

get the user name.
$ whoami

get the root console, system does not allow ordinary users to change bad and easy passwords.
$ sudo su -l

change user password, (do not change root user's password).
# passwd >username<
# passwd manjaro

in one command
$ sudo passwd >username<
I stand on :
loginctl show-seat $(loginctl list-seats --no-pager --no-legend) -p ActiveSession --value|xargs -iX loginctl unlock-session X
or faster :
loginctl unlock-sessions
when connected in ssh.
From what i understood, systemd-logind take the hand when the power on button is pressed, then it communicates directly with PAM. I found no way to add a second handler on the press button or redirect the existing one.
udevadm trigger -v -n -g power-switch
udevadm info /sys/devices/platform/gpio-keys/input/input0/event0
seems to correspond to the power button (but not sure - if somebody could confirm)
So we have the command to run and (perhaps) the button, and now ?
Thanks for the ideas!

The one to change pwd to one digit could well be a workaround. I didn't realize there was enough interest for a bug/feature request to be filed. I'll have to go look that up.

I'll have to study yours, Frexit. Not sure I understand it yet Big Grin
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OS: Mobian Bookworm, Phosh. Pinephone Braveheart from 2020-02-11
I followed the
cat /sys/devices/platform/gpio-keys/input/input0/event0/uevent

fuser /dev/input/event0

and it is seems finally that systemd doesn't handle the power button at all because of the file :


According to "udevadm monitor", the power button is not handled by udev too.
The previous fuser shows 3 processes : init, systemd-logind and phoc/phosh/gnome-session.
So it seems that the power button is definitely handled by the last one :
/usr/bin/phoc -C /usr/share/phosh/phoc.ini -E bash -lc 'gnome-session --disable-acceleration-check --session=phosh --builtin'
So seems like we will have to wait that phosh team implements the option...

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